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Sergei Rozhin


Yekaterinburg-born artist Sergey Rozhin’s prolific and multidisciplinary approach is tightly related to his prolong period of involvement with theatre, the spoken word and street music. His primary investigations––which now include mediums such as collage, performance, installation and video art––constitute a ferocious exploration of the provenance, dissemination and relationship of “ideas” to humans and vice versa, creating complex visual systems. Rozhin’s ongoing project since 2013 Grandfather Street Art, for example, parallels shamanistic practices that allow for a dialogue between the unconscious and the world of concepts. “As a shaman, I was chosen by the spirit of Grandfather Street Art, it was not my will, and I cannot control it”.

The character evolves through various forms of presentation from recitations to music, public art, performance and the production of an entirely new script. Gradually the spirit and the shaman himself and his motivations change. In another ongoing series of works, Rozhin explores the concept of “wood” as, on one hand, a material that is tight to the specificities of the Ural region and on the other hand, to a wider understanding of it as a life source that relies on a complex and unique system of interconnectedness and communication.

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