Svilen Stefanov
Georgi Iankov

RASSIM – Krassimir Krastev

Born 1972, Orehovitsa, Bulgaria, lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria

Graduation in National Academy of Fine Art, Sofia

1998 – Graduation in National Academy of Fine Art, Sofia

Selected Solo Exhibitions


2011 – RASSIM Broadcast, Studio 25, Sofia

2008 – EXBODYTION, Studio 25, Sofia

2005 – Rassim number one, horse champion Gallery, Strasbourg, France

2003 – SAVE – action, Blood & Honey- Future’ s in the Balkans, Sammlung ESSL, Wien Corrections 2, ATA- center for contemporary art, Sofia

2002 – Corrections 2, Belluard Bollwerk International (BBI), Fribourg, Switzerland GYM, Irida Gallery, Sofia

2001 – Corrections, HOY Gallery, Belgrade Shut up & Grow, ATA- center for contemporary art, Sofia Corrections, FRAC, Montpellier, France

1997 – I love Denitsa, Art in Bulgaria magazine, #41

1996 – Another Angle, Ata-ray Gallery, Sofia Poster, Advertisement in Art in Bulgaria Magazine, #29

1995 – Drug, Ata-ray Gallery, Sofia Fly, fly information, ATA-ray Gallery, Sofia

1994 – Project – the way of life, National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia My Idol, Lessedra Gallery, Sofia

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 – Self – portraits and portraits, AROSITA Gallery, Sofia ON YOUR MARKS. Body-SPORTS AND SOCIETY, DEUTSHES HYGIENE-MUSEUM, Dresden, Germany Re-productions, Sofia Arsenal-Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia { Poem 88 }, Tanner – Hill Gallery, Atlanta, USA

2010 – XXL Current. Academy Gallery, National Academy of Fine Art, Sofia XXL Group. REMINISCENCES OF THE 1990’s, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia Gender Check, Feminity and Masculinity in Eastern European Art, ZACHETA National Gallery of Art, Warsaw THE COLLECTION. NEW ACQUISITIONS

2008-2009, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia the Other Eye. Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia

2009 – Gender Check. Feminity and Masculinity in Eastern European Art, MUMOK Museum Moderner Kunst, Wiena Transitland. Video Art from Central and Eastern Europa 1989-2009. Transmediale, Berlin from Ideology to Economy. Contemporary Bulgarian Art 20 years later, The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow

2007 – REALITY CROSSINGS, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany VIENNAFAIR, KUNSTAGENTEN Gallery, Wiena JUST WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES TODAY? ANTJE WACHS Gallery, Berlin VIDEOSPRITZ#2, RASSEGNA INTERNAZIONALE DI ARTE E DOCUMENTI IN VIDEO. Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna. Triest, Italia In the Presence of the Body, West Hall Gallery 111, RPI, Troy, New York

2006 – Glamour and Globalization, Phoenix Halle, Dortmund, Germany (re)view–identities, KUNSTAGENTEN GALLERY, Berlin

2005 – Significant Other, Gallery 111, New York

2004 – 26.BIENALE SAO PAULO, Sau Paulo, Brazil Shake the Limits, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest MULTIPLICATION A British Council touring exhibition of Artists’ Multiples +11 artist From Bulgaria, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia

2003 – Blood & Honey/Future is in the Balkans, The ESSL Collection, and Vienna Writing Identity. Autobiography in Art.Galerie fur Zeitgenossische Kunst, Leipzig, Germany Defenseless and Bad, L Gallery, Moskow

2002 – ART OF TORTURES AND EXECUTION – ART AGAINST TORTURES AND EXECUTION, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Kaliningrad, Russia

2001 – LOOMING UP, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna Body and the East, EXIT ART, New York

2000 – After the wall: Art and Culture in post – Communist Europe, Hamburger Banhof Museum, Berlin; Ludvig Museum, Budapest WHAT, HOW & FOR WHOM, Moderna galeriya, Zagreb It could be Obsession, ROTOR/ Association for Contemporary Art, Graz, Austria International Short Film Festival, and Oberhausen, Germany

1999 – After the Wall: Art and Culture in post – Communist Europe, Moderna Museum, Stockholm Translocation New Media/ Art, Generally Foundation, Vienna

 1998 – Body and the East, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana Bulgariaavantgarde. Kraftemessen 2, Kunstlerwerkstatt Lothringerstrasse, Munich

1997 – New Radical Practices, XXL Gallery, Sofia Sofia Underground, Ntional Place of Culture, Sofia Dokumenta X, Kassel, Germany Art ex Natio. Made in Bulgaria, 4th Annual Soros Center for the Arts (SCA) Exhibition, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Menchenbilder. Foto und Videokunst aus Bulgarien, IFA Gallery, Berlin

1996 – Evidence.The Real Diversity, Sofia Art Gallery Bulgarian Glimpse Show, Bulgarian Cultural Center, Moskow New Bulgarian Painting, XXL Gallery, Sofia

1995 – 30 Grand Prix, Section 13, Union of Bulgarian Artists Gallery, Sofia Project by…, National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia

1994 – The Nail, Section 13, Union of Bulgarian Artists Gallery, Sofia the Concept – Action, National Academy for Fine Arts, Sofia

1993 – Autumn Salon, Union of Bulgarian Artists Gallery, Sofia New Names II, Union of Bulgarian Artists Gallery, Sofia


1997 – Exhibition of the Year, for the exhibition Another Angle, Ata-ray Galery, Sofia, Kultura weekly,

1997 1993 – For the Debut in Autumn Salon of the Union of Bulgarian Artists

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RASSIM – Krassimir Krastev

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